Episode #3 – Rafael van der Vaart // Professional football player retired 2019

3rd episode in this podcast series is in English. The reason for this is, that my guest is a certain Dutchman named Rafael van der Vaart. I first met Rafael in the summer of 2019, where he started playing for the amateur team that I coach and play for.

I have come to know Rafael as a level-headed guy, who seems to be very comfortable in his own skin and in sync with his personal values, despite having a slightly higher public profile than your average serie 4 player. So I invited him in for a talk to find out more!

I met Rafael in his apartment on a sunny afternoon in Esbjerg for a talk about developing your talent, finding your personal values and taking responsibility. We also talk about leadership, teamwork and how Rafael see the dynamics between these two.

We also talk about becoming lazy and getting a bollocking from Ruud van Nistelrooy.

I personally found a lot of inspiration and untraditional perspectives for both students and businesses and I hope you do too. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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